Tail extension part1

The reason we convert to an KR-2S is that it gives more stability and more max. take of weight.
One of the important modification is to extend the tail 14 inch

The best way to cut here is between frame F and H (here is a minimum of radius in the fuselage),
but we finished the wings so that is no option. We cut her in 2 pieces, between frame J and K, just
behind the flaps.

It’s a lot of work but the result is ...........................................an KR-2S length fuselage.

This was the first cut.... The fuselage is still on his gear. These cuts needs to be done before we
flip her up side down.

Cut 1 is the longeron We did a splice in the ratio 1/18. Cut 2 is de longeron doubler. We separated the
secondary longeron from the primary longeron, so the fuselage is more flexible.

When we flip her up side down we put her on the perfect level table. And measured all the spars with this
instrument. Write down all the numbers and now it’s time for cutting her in two pieces.

Voila, two pieces kr2. Good view on the lower longerons, they are much wider in their new position, so we
took the whole bottom out.

Fixed the fwd and aft section of the fuselage on the table and the ground.

Making the new splice sections of the upper longerons.


By trimming the vertical members a bit down is it very easy to line up the new longeron. If you do it this way
you get a very nice splice from the end of the fuselage.

The old piece of longeron removed and the KR-2S is born.




Scarfing the plywood.


See fuselage extension page 2.

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