Fwd deck

Normally is the fuel tank, just below the FDW deck situated. Because of the use of wing tanks, this space is empty.
We planned at this position a space for baggage. So we have to make a hatch for it.

We finished the shape of the fwd deck when we build the
canopy frame.

Something is missing.

With the canopy in its right position we designed the shape of the front deck.
You can use A dummy fire wall as a mold. It is better to install the dummy 3 inches more to the front,
so you create overlength to Finnish the front deck.

Now we have the right shape. It is easy to find the shape of the instrument panel. And also the final
shape of the FWD deck.




To make a quick removable deck, we are using a hinge. First fasten part A of the hinge to the longerons.
(we used 3 small screws and some glue). Than put part B on, with the hinge pin. Apply tape over it to
prevent it from glue. We used a aluminum strip with 5 nuts, that we glued on the FWD deck. This
strip we putted in place with the screws on part B. Put some micro on it. Now we put the deck in
it’s final position.

When the micro is dry we removed the hinge pin and look at is the result above.

One layer cloth over it.

Hinge need some lightning holes and paint.

To make a perfect rail just below the canopy frame (to prevent water leaking) we taped the frame and the fwd deck as one part.

Turned the whole assay up side down.

Taped the canopy frame so nothing will stick to it, made a spacer from about 5 mm foam. And put a
layer of CF over it.

Result, a water and rubber rail.

Small fairing to canopy is finished.
To have a good connection to the engine cowling and the fwd deck we made on the front of it also a flanche.

We are happy that we had create 3 inches overlong.
First we removed a part of the outer skin.

Made a nice joggle and put micro on the Foam, and one layer CF over it.

Cut down the wooden front member that we use as a jigg in the very beginning.

Flipped the deck up side down and cut down the inner skin.
Removed the remaining foam till the CF. And put one layer with CF over it.

Needs mor pics.

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