Pitot tube

We made the decision to install the Pitot tube most outboard on the stubwing. We also decided to install a
system that must have an angle of attack, so we can use something like a MGL or Dynon glass cockpit.

I surched the internet and found a lot of information about the new type of modern AOT pitot tubes.

Here is the result.

First we made a template of the design.(Original system copied from Paul Smith, see mid of his page). The
design is made with tubes bended at 45 degrees. We can’t use de 90 degrees (normal) system, because
at the leadingedge position the aluminum fuel tanks are positioned. So it will enter the wing just
after the FWD spar.

Put them in place and glued them together with flox. The aluminum bracket with the holes will be needed for
the attachment in the lower stubwing. It is not glued at this moment.

We installed the bracket with bolts in the outer rib and aligned the Pitot tube at the longerons.
Glued with flox. (aircraft is up-side-down)

We made a fairing by placing some tape on the stubwing and adding one layer of cloth over it.

Glued some foam.

Shaped the foam in the right contour.

Finally we put one layer cloth over the fairing. Also used some very special tools to make a nice radius with
some micro slurry….


First time of removing the system. Always a special moment…..

It worked out very well.

After final shape.

Attachment base plate. Two 10/32 bolts will hold the system.

After painting

022 - kopie
Good view of the third tube.
Need to make a pic installed on stubwing.

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