Fuel system

Brandstof leiding 004

Brandstof leiding 009
We made the fuel system (situated between the rh fuselage and the first rib in the stub wing) in the past for the
Limbach engine. After the decision to use a BMW 1200 engine, we have to modify the whole fuel system.
We have to make a fuel return in our, already made, fuel tanks and can’t use the Facet pump anymore.

The BMW 1200 engine is an injected fuel system. We want to go for safety and installed 2 high pressure fuel pumps.
They will be connected on a different power bus.

We wil close up the holes in the ribs, so the seat wil be used as a cover, this wil prevent the cabin for a fuel smell
if there is a leak. 2 vent holes in the floor will vent this area.

The tube in the middle is a torque tube, that is connected with the fuel shut off valve.

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