The experience from the Cherry BX2 builders is the 3 bladed inflight adjustable propeller with a 165 diameter. This is a good combination with the BMW1200.
About the ground clearance we can not handle the 165 so dicided to order the 160 cm from the Woodcomp factory in Tsjechie.
After the order I get informed that the prop wil be delivered balanced and assembled. Oepsssss

So I made a fake prop. To check...can I pick it up with my car.

IMG_4723 1
It fits, but it was very close.

We drove to the factory to pick up the location (Tsjechie) there was something wrong with the last quality check.
We could not take it with us, so they sent it later to us when everything was oke.
This is our prop with the problem..... looks nice.

IMG_4804 1

IMG_4800 1
We got a round trip at the factory.
In the dry chamber you can see the nice quality, at the blade feet you see the black hard (more heavy) wood. Afterwards
this get one layer carbon cloth.


After 2 months and more testing we get the newest version prop delivered.

IMG_5743 1

IMG_6745 1
Electric adjustable part.

IMG_6715 2
Not yet finished but this is the contact to the prop.

IMG_5747 1
A few months later, when we made the cowlings, this is the first check....will everything be lined up properly?

I think it looks beautiful

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