Instrument pannel

As we did everything, we made a jig from wood, now we can make all the wiring at our second workshop. If that is
finished we will copy this into aluminum.

IMG_6467 1

IMG_6636 2
What you are missing in this panel, is the original Garmin G3X, trig radio and transponder, will be delivered soon. Left of the propeller
adjustment we will position the trim button.

IMG_6637 2
As you can see the engine is in front. The BMW bmsk (engine computer) is positioned on the cold side off the
fire wall. All the engine instruments will be connected with the display.
Clean and smooth display.

Time for the real work, copying it in alluminium.


Looks like the real thing

On the RH side a pocket to leave some stuff

IMG_9594 1
Wrapped it in carbon.

All the tekst i did with a brother label writer. clear withe tape will do the job.

Decided to install a second battery, this one you can connect with the switch and gard.

Fitst tim outed power on the system....very strange horizon..

On the back all the wire’s are now in the right position and started with replacing the types for aircraft rope.

Final result...and we are happy with it.

Compas Airpath
Altimeter United
Speed indicator Uma
Trim Ray Allen
Prop Woodcomp
Garmin G3X
Transponder Trig
Radio Trig

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