Cabin heat

We made and designed the heating system with a valve for warm and cold air. The valve and the housing are made of steel. This to prevent flames in case of a fire come in the cabin. (aluminum will melt very quickly). At the muffler I made 2 flanges, the are not welded, but tide fit.


Over the 2 flanges a 0.005 tube, this will heat the air.

IMG_6539 2
The black tube is from the lower cowling, fresh air will be delivered to the heater tube. From the heater tube it runs
to the heating valve at the fire wall. You can see the valve delivers at this moment cold air to the cabin.

IMG_6542 2
The black tube is from the lower engine cowl, this delivers the cold fresh air for the cabin. The small red tube
delivers air flow thru the battery compartment.

To prevent hot air wil be blown in the engine area, we made a aluminium cover, this forces the hot (if not used) air
to the lower side of the plane.
When you select the heating / cooling on the instrument panel, the small handle with the steel ball gives us a closed indication.

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