Father and Son building a KR-2S PH-TDB

Last update 2-12-2017

After the last update (21-08-2016) we prepared the engine and the interior.


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2014-10-19 13.07.11

The start of building
In 1988 my dad decided to build his own plane. So a dream was born to build the KR-2. He worked on it a few years and than stopped, worked on it for a few more years and than stopped, etc, etc, etc.

About 15 years ago, I (Steph) got interested and started working together with my dad. We designed a few modification to improve the aircraft. Then in the year 2000 I bought a very old house and we had to stop the KR-2 (for restoration of the house), the plan was for one year, but …… not until 2004 was the work started again on the KR.

To build the KR-2 you have to design a lot by your self. In these days of the internet you can get a lot of info from your friends on the KR-net. I think if the internet had been around in the late 80’s we wouldn’t have made our own canopy, or wouldn’t have design al lot if other thing and certainly made the fuselage 14” longer from the start.

My dad was build in the year 1942, married and is now retired. In his job he get an accident, in 1996 felt down he tried to fly without wings from 5 meters and almost died. After a few years we picked up our project. Flying by him self is no option anymore, because of the accident he can’t get a medical anymore.

Steph was build in 1970. Has a girlfriend. Works for an airliner as a sheet metalworker. Likes flying and doing some aerobatics. I’m working one day a week on the plane, rest off the week I’m still busy with the restoration of my house.

In holland we have now 3 flying kr’s
First Dutch KR-2S. Build by Herman Mijling

Second Dutch KR2-S Build by Aart Weerts

Third Dutch KR2-S, Build by Marcel Driessen.

My dad.

Me. Get a ride in the PH-MIJ